New Is Not Everything

New Is Not Everything

With the economy reviving, central government taking new reform measures, inflation easing and the lowering of interest rates, there is a flurry of new residential projects being launched across India. Hyderabad is no different, and there have been many new projects launched here in the last year, in anticipation of higher price appreciation.

The returns offered by most of these new projects will definitely be higher considering the average cost of realty assets in this city, which is lower as compared to other prominent places across India. Having said this, the key word to be noted here is ‘average’, this is because most of the new residential projects coming up in this region are steeply priced making it almost unaffordable for masses and therefore on an average the prices are lower only due to some projects that are economically priced.

Amongst them, the prominent one is Janapriya Lakefront by Janapriya Engineers Syndicate. It is therefore important for you to take into account several parameters and not just buy the property because it is new or has been advertised well.


Pricing is an important parameter

Pricing is one of the most important parameters on which your purchase decision should be based. Don’t just get lured by enticing property ads, lower booking amounts or flexible payment options. You must carefully calculate the overall cost of buying including the miscellaneous charges and other hidden costs that you may not know until you book an apartment.

However, if you buy a home in Janapriya apartments, you will have no such issues as this project is not only competitively priced but all its dealings are transparent and the charges are well laid out up front. The lower prices also ensures that you get excellent returns on your investment in the medium to long term, unlike other new projects which loose value in the market over the years because of the initial high price tag.

Compare the prices online on reliable web platforms

One way to avoid getting trapped in the lure of excessively priced new apartments is by analyzing and comparing them with other properties in the same area, town and city. You can do so by sitting in the comfort of your home through reliable and credible web platforms such as or on the move through its ‘Look Up’ app.

This site hosts more than 4.5 lakh verified properties including thousands of new listings daily, thus ensuring that you get access to some of the finest properties in the market with best amenities, at best price and in best locality.

Through this site, you can carefully examine all the features including commute, neighborhood, real property pictures and price tag before proceeding with the transaction. You can also verify the future prospects of the region where you wish to buy/invest including the upcoming infrastructure projects, shopping complexes, malls, commercial entities, schools, colleges, hospitals, etc.

This will help you to save time, money and energy. This is not all; the team will assist you through each step of your home buying process and will guide you in case you need any help either with documentation, drafting of sale deed, stamp duty, registration or home loan process.