How Landscaping Adds Value to Your Home (Guide)

How Landscaping Adds Value to Your Home

How Landscaping Adds Value to Your Home

Landscaping is more than just haphazardly planting a few trees and shrubs around your home. Over the years, the popularity of landscaping has grown, and people from all over the world have started investing in it. A question may arise in the minds of most people: Can landscaping be considered as an investment? The answer is YES!

Buying land, building a house, and adding to the beauty of it does increase its resale value immediately, and is worth more in the long run. Research by a famous horticulturist at Virginia Tech says that a well-landscaped home has a substantial price advantage over a home with no landscaping; his ranged from 5.5% to 12.7%.

Let’s have a look at a few aspects of landscaping that add value to your home.


A well-landscaped yard can increase the value of a house by 7% to 19%. Though some houses have lush lawns with pretty flowers, it’s the houses that have mature trees that make a good sale. Well-landscaped lawns with mature trees create a good impression even before buyers enter your home. They provide good privacy and sell more quickly than homes without landscaping.

Planning before you start planting your trees is very important. There are times when you may regret your choice of location when you see the roots of a mature tree cracking your driveway, or trees covering the only windows of the house. Poor planning could make living in your lovely home a nightmare.

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Native Plants

Native plants are good for your yard and the environment. Since these plants have adapted to the climate of the region, they come with a low maintenance cost of $3,000/acre when compared to the maintenance cost of $20,000/acre for non-native turf plants, over a period of 20 years.

Besides this, native plants need less water and fertilizer, and are known to easily attract birds and butterflies.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting has been rated as essential by nearly 41% of people in NAHB’s “What Home Buyers Really Want” survey. Besides adding to the mood, perfectly planned lighting can also provide your home with the security that you need. It can brighten the dark areas around your home where potential danger can lurk. Lighting on the pathway and the steps of your home can also ensure safety for you and the people who visit your home.

Retaining Walls and Terracing

A retaining wall will come in handy when you are looking to add structure and space to your yard. It can also provide an eye-catching solution to sloped terrains. Many house owners add a retaining wall to their backyards to create a children’s play area, a built-in seating arrangement, raised-bed gardens, an outdoor fireplace, spas, patios, outdoor kitchens, and driveways.


A walkway can help you avoid having wet shoe marks on the living room floor. More importantly, it makes your home more appealing and welcoming to visitors and buyers. Pavers come in different designs and materials and can be used on your walkway and around the pool and patio. The most commonly used pavers are brick, poured concrete, natural stone, stamped concrete, and the concrete landscaping type.


A pool may be expensive to construct and maintain, but it does beat the holiday costs at resorts and beach clubs every year. If you stay in a warm part of the country or in a high-end neighborhood where most people have pools in their homes, it may be a good idea to invest in one. You would be glad to know that a home with a pool has a 7% higher value than one without.

Though some people choose to go ahead with landscaping on their own, too many aren’t aware of the consequences that could result from improper planning. Today’s landscaping has gone to a far more advanced level than just sketching and drafting on paper. So, it is best to hire professionals to establish and execute the best design for your home.

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