HOME INSPECTIONS 2022 Right Now Guide

HOME INSPECTIONS 2022 Right Now Guide


When you get serious about a house, your broker likely will give you something called a seller’s disclosure, a form that will disclose whether the homeowner has had problems with particular items or if he does not know if there are any problems. A seller’s disclosure is sometimes required by the broker or by state law.

This document can be helpful, but for the most part, it useless. All it does is let you know that there might have been problems in the past that the homeowner has had to deal with.It do not address problems that might have occurred before the current homeowner owned the home. If the seller has not been there for long, the seller’s disclosure is not going to reveal much.

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Brokers and sellers are usually required to fill out a seller’s disclosure to protect them if there are major defects discovered by the buyer after the closing –they are worried about ‘’undisclosed material latent defects ‘’ in the property .

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This is legalese for something wrong with the house that the owner knew about but did not reveal to the buyer .It is bad if the seller gets caught , because it will likely lead to litigation involving both the broker and seller .Quite possibly both of these parties will be held liable for misrepresentation .However , that is about the extent of the protection provided by the disclosures.

The only way you can truly protect yourself is to get a home inspection done by a reputable home inspector .There are few exceptions to getting a home inspection done. However, if you are familiar with the property already because you were leasing it or buying it on contract, you likely do not need to bother with the inspection .This is the exception to the rule, however; most other real estate transactions should include a home inspection.

Do yourself a favor and save a lot of money by being vigilant and looking for trouble before you make any substantial offers on a home. A home inspector is often fairly expensive, so you are not going to want to get too many homes inspected .

Therefore, carry a checklist with you to each property and rate them with your own amateur inspections, which will help you eliminate problem real estate before you get to the point when a home inspector is called in.

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The professional inspection is normally done after you have signed a sales contract for the property. It is also typical to have five days from the signing of the contract to having the inspection completed. If you choose not to buy the house after the inspection, you will be able to get out of the contract if you are within that five day window.

It is best to be at the inspection with your realtor. This allows both of you to see for yourselves the extent of the damage the inspector finds. The inspector should search for:

Damage that might require expensive repairs.
Fire, safety, and health hazards.
There are seven main areas that the inspector needs to cover: roof, structure, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and interior. If there are appliances included in the deal, these should be inspected as well. Always have both the exterior and the interior of the house inspected.

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