Choose a best method to clean grout (Guide)

best method to clean grout

best method to clean grout

Maintaining the house with the same shine and beauty is very difficult when minute things are noticed by the people. We cannot expect the people to be sharper in cleaning the house with more care though the people are with more care one or two places may be missed to get spotted in the light when we search for dirt or someplace cannot be cleaned casually by sweeping or mopping.

One of such place is grout formation between the gaps that are present in the tiles. There are different types of grout they include,

  • Non-sanded grout
  • Sanded grout
  • Epoxy grout

According to the different types of grout the cleaning process also varies and apt choice must be chosen for better results. In the first type grout we can find it easy to work with and also a simple tile grout cleaner is enough to clean his kind of scum that are present in the gap also after the removal of sand we should seal the gap.

In sanded grout we should add fine sand to the gap and the shrinkage defects will be overcome by this methods and this is better than non-sanded but sometimes both sounds the same when done for restrooms. But comparatively we can find epoxy method the best one than the other two methods in this we use chemicals and it is a stepwise process also time consumption will be less and we are able to remove the grout before it gets stronger and tough to remove.

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